Delicate Multi-Stage-Workflows handled in Seconds, configured in Minutes.

Yuzuy is an automation platform that allows functions and workflows to be performed on Qumulo-Systems.

Failover Failback for Qumulo Clusters

Yuzuy automates a procedure, Qumulo-admins normally handle by a variety of CLI-commands or scripts to be able to have a Failover that‘s transparent for the Clients.

Stop sweating Bullets – Yuzuy will help

Failover and Failback usually is performed when it’s hectic and you don’t want to make a mistake or you check your setup and want to force a planned failover and you don’t want to break anything that’s intact. Yuzuy helps admins to handle these operations in a standardized and reliable way without juggling CLI-commands or API-calls.

Who needs this?

Every Organization with Qumulo Cluster Replication.

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Installed and configured in Minutes

Performs a complete Failover Procedure with one click

Supports cross-replicating clusters

Supports different Failover-Scenarios for SMB & NFS

Integrates with your IT-Management & Monitoring via REST API

Runs in your Data Center or in the Cloud

Comes as a Virtual Appliance

Performs difficult Operations in a Standardized Way

Saves Time and spares Nerves during Test Runs

Reduces Risk

Every Admin can handle this in Minutes

Completes Qumulo‘s Featureset

 Yuzuy is the only proven and tested off-the-shelf-platform for this combination of functions for Qumulo.

Additional functions for Qumulo. Automation & Backup.

Qumulo Bareos Integration

Back up petabytes. Radically simple.

Do you know Bareos?

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How long does it take your backup solution to detect changes in a total size of many hundreds of terabytes or several petabytes?

Bareos is an open source backup- and archive-solution.
With Yuzuy’s plugin, it is able to capture changes in seconds and save them from a snapshot.

With Qumulo you can easily manage billions of files, whether they are large or small. Through adding more nodes, you can simply upscale your infrastructure on premise or using cloud capacities. Qumulo nodes will make your infrastructure more robust but you should consider backing up your files.

Hurry up or the Backup Window will close!

Scalability and performance are no longer an issue. But backing up a large number of files still is.

Yuzuy is here to help: We will show you how to build a robust Bareos backup environment and how to use Bareos Backup for Qumulo to perform extremely high-performance file backups that can be integrated into your existing backup strategy.

Yuzuy’s Qumulo Integration for Bareos Backup makes it possible.

Bareos (Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced) is a cross-network Open Source backup solution which preserves, archives, and recovers data from all major operating systems.

Operating Systems and Databases 

Bareos offers File Daemons for many popular operating systems, including Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows and macOS. In addition, the backup solution includes numerous plug-ins which allow safely backing up and restoring various database servers (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL), LDAP directory services, cloud storage and virtual machines (VMware, oVirt). Yuzuy adds up Qumulo to the list.

Freedom of choice

The most commonly used storage backends are hard disks and tape libraries; however, Bareos can also use a variety of cloud storage as backup targets, including Gluster, Ceph, and Amazon S3. If a media changer is involved, then the Storage Daemon controls that device too. In case of a restore request, the SD identifies the correct data and sends it back to the File Daemon.
Get in Touch!

Take a look on Bareos‘ references and get in contact to have a conversation with the guys from Bareos and us.


Ultra fast Scan




No Tree-Walks

All Data encrypted

File-based Backups

Full- & Incremental Backups

Optional Bareos Support & Subscription

Regular Updates

Integrates with existing DR Software & Strategy

Costs a fraction of other Solutions with Qumulo Integration

First officially supported integration for Qumulo and an Open Source Backup Software.

Who needs this?

  • Cost Considerations

    Enterprise Backup Software with Qumulo Integration can be quite costly. A cost efficient solution is what you want.

  • Organizations that prefer Open Source Software

    You prefer open source software over large backup software vendors.

  • Confident with current Backup Solution but it doesn‘t integrate well with Qumulo

    Your software is good and your team is used to it. But backing up large file shares is a challenge.

Thumbs up - Backup Problems solved, says Yuzuy.